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The New Localism

June 25, 2018 | Events

For the last several decades, higher levels of government have pushed down to local jurisdictions the financial challenges of funding critical infrastructure and the other requirements of relentless population growth, but without providing corollary authority to increase resources or deliver more capacity.
State and Federal governments are themselves stressed – torn by political division or paralyzed by sluggish bureaucracies – and moreover, broke.
In the absence of financially viable or efficiently-functioning state and federal governments, funding the future will increasingly occur from the bottom up. But how?
By developing new sources of capital for cities and counties, argue Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak in their new book, “The New Localism – How Cities Can Thrive In The Age of Populism.” They suggest that cities organize public and private wealth into a coherent tool, unleash public wealth in novel forms, and garner voter approvals for concrete, specific projects and initiatives.
Join us for an exciting presentation of new ideas for local governments by Bruce Katz, Centennial Scholar at the Brookings Institution, followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion with:
Austin Mayor Steve Adler,  San Antonio Mayor Ron NirenbergSan Marcos Mayor John Thomaides, and New Braunfels Mayor Barron Casteel

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